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One Piece Fanart Beware Monsters WIP 1 [26 Jul 2014|10:15pm]

[ mood | been better ]

One Piece Beware Monsters fanart wip 1 - OP fanart inspired by Saiyuki artbook pages.

This OP fanart Beware Monsters is the first of a possible series of fanart based on Saiyuki artbook pages. This fanart is based on this Saiyuki artbook page:

Saiyuki Artbook PageCollapse )

First I developed the characters separately so as to not stress the papers tooth.

Beware of Monsters WIP Pics 1Collapse )

Ok so I had my first attempt worth showing at putting together the One Piece version of the fence Saiyuki art book page. I messed up but I'm posting it anyway so if anyone's interested they can see the creative process with this pic.

Beware of Monsters WIP Pics 2Collapse )

I scrapped this one because of not working Zoro out before and damaging the paper's tooth (I was having a bad day and shouldn't have been drawing anyway lol.) Also because nose issues, general wear and tear and figuring out a better way to do the fence!!

Here's Zoro so far!!

Beware of Monsters WIP Pics 3Collapse )

Here's version 2.0 so far!!

Beware of Monsters WIP Pics 4Collapse )

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Feng Yu Jiu Tian Fanart [04 Feb 2013|03:56am]

Hey everyone, I drew this drawing for a contest held by sookybabi for the Manga series Feng Yu Jiu Tian. If you guys like this, I would really appreciate your vote for me at FYJT Winter Frost and Spring Blooms Contest. Hope you guys enjoy it!!


Click here!
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Fanart Sale =°w°= [30 Jul 2012|01:09am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hello~ I have opened up online sale for some of the items I was selling at the anime conventions I recently attended.
Please head over to my LiveJournal post below to take a look~ x3
-- http://armoralchemist.livejournal.com/68887.html --

Series: Fullmetal Alchemist, Detective Conan, Pokemon, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Hetalia, Moyashimon, Toward the Terra, Nabari no Ou, Dragon Ball

- Fullmetal Alchemist 2013 Calendar, Mousepad, Tote Bag, 4-ports USB hub, Buttons,
- Cute Anime Earrings, Sleeping Masks, Necklaces, Star-shaped Ornaments, Coasters, Paper Charms, Prints
- DCMK Cushion Case, Buttons

Sleeping Masks preview

Thank you for reading!

PS. I don't see any rules forbidding sale posts here but if it's not allowed, please feel free to delete this post. ^_^

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Sephiroth and Ghost In the Shell [12 Sep 2011|04:33pm]

I ya'll. I just wanted to share some of my new art! I've done lots of new fan stuffs lately.

You can check it out on my DA gallery: http://lady-cybercat.deviantart.com

Thanks a bunch!


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[plug] Fan Art Challenge for Avatar: the Last Air Bender: Mai x Zuko [17 Nov 2010|02:05am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

We're doing a big bang (a challenge where fanartists are paired with fic authors to make fan work) for avatar, the last air bender and would be wondering if you guys are interested? The more the merrier :) We hope to see you there. Here are the rules if you want to join.

banked-flame:a maiko big bang; art by RoseMuse

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Ranma Fanart [26 Aug 2010|05:01pm]

[ mood | enthralled ]

Title: Rendezvous with Fate (Comissioned the fanart for the fic)
Artist: Koi
Fandom: Ranma 1/2
Characters: Ranma and Kodachi
Warnings: none
Notes: -.5 hb mechanical pencil
-sai & photoshop
-brushes and patterns from brusheezy.com

This is actually for a Ranma and Akane story I did in high school. And the pic is a Ranma Kodachi due to a *ahem* *cough* body-switch. But Anyway, comment if you have a deviant art account :)

( Follow me to Deviant Art? )

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Torunn [19 Jul 2010|09:26pm]

( Aye, verily! )

Title: Torunn
Artist: animationgrl
Warnings: None
Notes: My entry for last week's Summer Superhero Art Show at my work at Fox TV Animation. Painting features Torunn, daughter of Thor, from "Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow." To read the original article, go here at Made of Win, Y/N?.
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KiraYumi and Hisagi, too [11 May 2010|09:08pm]

( What are they scheming? )

Title: Nurse and Maid with Captive
Artist: animationgrl
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Hisagi, Kira, Yumichika
Warnings: None
Notes: A little tegaki before I leave work tonight. Featuring Kira and Yumichika dressed as a maid and nurse, and trying to figure out what to do with Hisagi, whom they have taken captive. Probably something naughty, I'll bet ;)
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Some Kuroshitsuji candy [04 Apr 2010|09:44pm]

[ mood | naughty ]

Just follow the hot rabbit in the straitjacket ;) http://mistiqarts.deviantart.com/art/Kuroshitsuji-Lets-play-doctor-145045762

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FF13 fanart :) [07 Mar 2010|04:59pm]

Just finished a really big pic @___@ it took me about a week! :D

In celebration of FF13!!

Lightning V.S. Odin by =suzuran on deviantART
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art_classes [28 Jan 2010|07:44pm]

Hey guys, I just thought some of you might be interested in the new community I made, art_classes. It's basically a place where people can post art "assignments" or prompts to get your creative juices stirring. You can also post your finished works for a "critique." Basically a virtual art class!

art_classes art_classes art_classes
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*waves* [14 Jan 2010|02:07pm]

I haven't posted in the group like forever... but here is an old drawing of mine that I still think is one of my better works, even though it's just about 3 years old...^_^;

DG Gesshoku - 5666 Kiriban
by =sharem on deviantART
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[08 Jan 2010|04:50pm]

So, rather suddenly, I'm going to be moving from Maryland to New Jersey. Details are still being worked out but as it stands I'm in need of money quickly for a security deposit. Thus, I am taking commissions and I am taking a lot of them. Every little bit helps, so if you have a few dollars laying around and would like some art, now would be an amazingly awesome time for you to follow through on that.

SKETCH COMMISSIONS: $10, full body, one figure ($5 per additional figure)
Examples: here

COLORED SKETCH COMMISSIONS: $20 ($5 per additional figure)
Examples: here and here

Prices are slightly changed from previous commissions, but the turn-around time will be shorter. Sketches will be done within 24 hours (unless I'm, like, utterly swamped) and color will be done within three days. I want to do as many of these as soon as possible.

Payment will be through Paypal. I will draw just about anything: het, yaoi, yuri, furry, etc etc. If you'd like to see more examples, just drop me a line, there are plenty.

X-posted quite a bit, sorry if there's a terribly large amount of overlap.
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Reborn art [21 Nov 2009|01:33pm]

Here are few of my new KHReborn arts ))
Comments are love ~ ♥
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Nightmare Before Christmas Sora [19 Oct 2009|06:23pm]


Nightmare Before Christmas Sora just in time for Halloween! 4" x 5" postcard professionally printed on glossy cardstock with UV coating. See the printed postcards here! Price: $1
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Roller Derby Zombie [24 Aug 2009|06:51pm]


Click for full-view! 12" x 18" poster of my roller derby zombie girl that will be for sale shortly. For textures I dyed paper with tea and soy sauce.

More artwork at http://zombiemilkshake.deviantart.com!
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LineArt Tutorial [23 Aug 2009|02:13pm]

Here's a LineArt tutorial I made that covers PaintToolSAI as well. :)

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Looking for a Specific Artist [02 Aug 2009|03:13pm]

Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows anything that could help.

I'm looking for a specific artist I met at Artist's Alley at Katsucon in February. I want to order a print from her, but I lost her card, and though I spent months hoping it would turn up someplace or another, I think it may be gone for good.

So, the picture in question is a black and white picture of a girl vampire and a boy vampire running down a narrow street, away from a mob. The girl vampire is carrying the boy, who is injured. There's an awful lot of awesome detail as far as the scenery and the textures used and whatnot. It was inked by hand (not a digital pic), and she'd told me it took forever.

The artist in question told me that said picture was done for a specific assignment in one of her classes. I *believe* the stipulations were that it had to involve vampires and one had to be carrying the other.

I think she may have gone to/been going to SCAD.

And I think, *think* that a lot of the other work she had on display was Avatar-Related. But there was a lot of avatar going around in Artist's Alley, so I may be remembering wrong on this point.

I know a lot of this information is common or ambiguous at best, but I'm not sure what else to do at this point, to find her. So, It's a longshot but I'm hoping someone knows something. Thanks for your time, at any rate. ^_^

Cross Posted.
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Mint Chocolate Chip-Chan [25 Jul 2009|05:52am]


If you haven't done so already I'd appreciate if you could take a moment to comment and vote at PatchTogether.com. Thanks!
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Gokudera and Yamamoto ((nonpair)) [22 Jul 2009|10:57am]

[ mood | amused ]


Selling at Geekkon 09.

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