Sabo-chan! (cactuar_tamer) wrote in animefanart,

Looking for a Specific Artist

Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows anything that could help.

I'm looking for a specific artist I met at Artist's Alley at Katsucon in February. I want to order a print from her, but I lost her card, and though I spent months hoping it would turn up someplace or another, I think it may be gone for good.

So, the picture in question is a black and white picture of a girl vampire and a boy vampire running down a narrow street, away from a mob. The girl vampire is carrying the boy, who is injured. There's an awful lot of awesome detail as far as the scenery and the textures used and whatnot. It was inked by hand (not a digital pic), and she'd told me it took forever.

The artist in question told me that said picture was done for a specific assignment in one of her classes. I *believe* the stipulations were that it had to involve vampires and one had to be carrying the other.

I think she may have gone to/been going to SCAD.

And I think, *think* that a lot of the other work she had on display was Avatar-Related. But there was a lot of avatar going around in Artist's Alley, so I may be remembering wrong on this point.

I know a lot of this information is common or ambiguous at best, but I'm not sure what else to do at this point, to find her. So, It's a longshot but I'm hoping someone knows something. Thanks for your time, at any rate. ^_^

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